Very helpful for wheezing problem. I had dust allergy, now by doing Yoga and Pranayama I am relieved of my problems. For healthy and peaceful life Yoga is must. My Guru is best in the world

             - Ms U Jayalakshmi,  Indian Railway employee, Bangalore

Very good classes, we have learned a lot! We will have learned a lot. We will try to continue with yoga and maintain the inner peace, Even though I attended a few classes, I gained a lot in learning what yoga is. You’re a very good teacher; I hope to continue my yoga training in Norway.

             - Ms Ingvild Jenssen, Student from Norway, christ university exchange program

Quite helpful, Improvement in back pain. Meditation is really helpful. Breathing habits have improved and feeling quit energetic. The place here is very calm and peaceful.

             - Ms Savitha M V, Home maker, Bangalore

Drastic improvement in my weight and other problems has been seen. Amusing, that the fact that in 2-3 months, with no medication my health and other things have been stabilized like my focus and concentration.

             - Ms Pallavi H , Student, Bangalore

Very helpful, after every session. I feel much lighter and fresh. Lot of improvement in my physical and mental wellbeing. My biological cycle has been regular as I have PCOS. My problems totally solved.

            - Ms Sindhu, Student, Bangalore

I am taking classes from Maitri Foundation from 04 yrs. I started the classes to keep myself healthy and balance mind as I was little stressed during my early days, before joining yoga. Now I am very happy with the classes and various yoga sessions I have been through. I am also relieved from PCOD and now 07 months pregnant. Yoga has given me the joy of life and I am very thankful to my teachers, both Chidananda ji and Meenakshi ji are amazing teachers with high knowledge. Wish them successful in their work and career.

            - Ms Shilpa P, HR at Pvt Ltd company, Bangalore

I am very happy to be a student of Maitri Foundation for past 03 years. Before coming here I searched knowledgeable Yoga teacher. I am very glad to find both Sri Chidananda ji, and Meenakshi ji, who have in-depth yoga skills and spiritual knowledge. I am very happy to be associated with Maitri Foundation. I have recommended many friends and they have also been benefited too.

           - Mr Raghu Raj, CEO at Pvt Ltd company, Bangalore