Online Yoga

Start your New Year good resolutions early!

Convenient New Classes!

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At Maitri Foundation and just in time to help you keep your New Year resolutions, we are offering online classes through Skype so that you can practice yoga at your home at a time of your convenience - without having to go anywhere!

What’s more! Since we don’t have to travel to various parts of the city as well, we are offering yoga classes on Skype at a 60% discount! Only Rs.300 per class or a flat rate of Rs.3000/- for three classes a week or 12/13 classes a month.

We have seen that classes through Skype video conferencing are almost as effective as in-person classes. We are able to monitor the individual, provide corrections and go through a whole session of warm up and yoga exercises, Surya Namaskara and also do pranayama, breathing exercises, deep Relaxation technique.

Skype classes are especially convenient for women at home or for professionals who leave for work early or come home late evening (Stress Management).

You can get a couple of friends to join the Skype class as well so that you can all practice it together from your own homes. If you take a Skype yoga class as a group, please do check with us for a group discount rate.

Right now the following slots are available:

  • Tue-Thurs-Saturday: 7.30 am, 9.30 am, 10.30 am (Ladies) and 7.00 pm.

Feel free to call us for a free trial Skype class: 99723 66024

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