Case Studies

Dr. Susheela Nair

Dr Sushila Nair_1She was the chairman of Mahatma Gandhi Medical Sciences, Sewagram. She was Mahatma Gandhiji's personal doctor & First Health Minister of India.

She was suffering with acute knee pain, called Ostrioathritics. She was suffering for more than 10 years. I tried yoga therapy, Reiki Healing and Acupressure. When I first met, her she was using wheel chair. After six months, she started using walker and later she was using walking stick. She was very happy to experience her progress by just practicing few things continuously.

I helped her for one year & six months with all practices.


Name: Mr Aravind Kumar(Name changed)
Profession: Industrialist Bangalore
Age:35 yrs/Male
Diagnosis: Diabetes Type II and High Cholesterol
Diagnosed on September 2014, 
After Yoga Reports May 2015, huge improvement was seen.

The participant was very low in level when he reached us. After yogic counselling, he regained his confidence level and practiced yoga continuously for 6 months.

After 6 months of yoga practice he was told to repeat the clinical diagnosis. His doctor was thrilled to see his post yoga report.(It was like a miracle for him but it was proven with clinical research). Mr Aravind was so happy. And he is still continuing Yoga and following according to our guidance. We wish him well.  Given below is a report which shows his parameters before and after yoga therapy.