Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini can be awakened by various means and these different methods are called by different means,Viz, Raja yoga, Hatha Yoga, etc…. The practitioner of these Kundalini Yoga claims that it is higher than any other process and that Samadhi attained there by is more perfect. The degree, to which this unveiling of consciousness is effected, depends on upon the meditative power, Dhyana Shakti of the Sadhaka and extent of detachment from the world. A Kundalini Yogi has both Bhukti (enjoyment) and Mukti (liberation) in the fullest and literal sense. Hence this claimed to be the foremost of all Yogas. Under normal circumstances, Kundalini is posited at the lower tip of the spine, when this energy is awakened, She begins Her journey towards, top of the head, where Shiva awaits Her arrival and their union takes place at Sahasrara, which technically, is not one among the six psychic chakras. This type of worship is also known as samayachara(established procedure or proven method, a terminology often used in Tantra Scriptures). This type of worship is considered as the most secretive worship. Where no external objects, whatsoever are involved? For this type of worship only two things are needed, one’s mind and one’s consciousness. This is called Kundalini meditation, It is not simply one of the meditative techniques; it is just being with Her in the state of Bliss, during this meditation.

  1. Kundalini Meditation-“Mana Prashamana” Level -I ( Basic)
    • Duration: 07 days (10 hrs)
    • Days: week days and weekends with prior appointment only
    • Eligibility: anyone interested
    • Cleansing (Basic Kriyas), energising and loosening exercise, Diet, Do’s and Don’ts 
  2. Kundalini Meditation-“Manonmani” Level – II (Intermediate)
    • Duration: 07 days (10 hrs)
    • Days: week days and weekends with prior appointment only
    • Eligibility: Must complete level – I
    • Advance breathing technique and advanced kriyas
  3. Kundalini Meditation Level – III ( kundalini awakening- Advance)
    • Duration – 14 days (14 hrs).
    • Days: week days and weekends with prior appointment only.
    • Eligibility: True seeker.(Level I and II are mandatory (Only revealed for genuine practitioner)