About Us

With over 38 years of combined experience, we have found success and fulfillment in serving individuals get back vitality and well-being and cultivate good health habits and a positive mental outlook.

Here is more information about our background, training and our foundation. Please look at testimonials & case studies to hear from our clients who we had the good fortune to serve.

Values we believe in and practice

  1. Maitri - universal friendship
  2. Karuna - compassion
  3. Sewa - selfless service
  4. Kausalam - excellence

Our Objectives

  1. To improve the quality of life of our fellow beings
  2. To make individuals more efficient -- both mentally and physically -- using yogic techniques like Asanas, Meditation, and Pranayama
  3. To improve the general well-being of people suffering from chronic diseases pertaining cardiovascular, digestive, musculoskeletal, nervous systems, and psychosomatic problems
  4. To strengthen society by strengthening individual health, vitality and well-being



DSC_6952 (2)_300x328With more than 19 yrs+ of conducting holistic health, well-being and personality development sessions and courses, I enjoy empowering individuals to achieve their health and well-being goals as a guide and mentor,  hand holding them until they achieve their desired outcomes. I am equally enthusiastic about sharing the knowledge of yoga and healing to those who are keen to learn and expand their horizons


  1. To improve the quality of Life
  2. To make a human being more efficient both mentally and physically using yogic techniques like Asanas, Meditation, and Pranayama
  3. To provide help and improve the general well-being of people suffering from chronic diseases like cardiovascular, digestive, musculoskeletal, nervous system
  4. To create positive atmosphere through individual and family to strengthen the society


  • Yoga Fitness & Stress Management Classes for Corporates
  • Yoga Therapy and Stress Management for Individuals
  • Personal Yoga Training & Fitness for Executives
  • Contact training for yoga instructors

Some illustrious clients I had an opportunity to serve as a personal yoga instructor:

  1. Dr. D B Gupta, Chairman of Lupin Ltd
  2. Shri. G M Rao, Group chairman of GMR Group
  3. Shri. Venkaiah Naidu, BJP Leader Delhi


  • Personal trainer for executives
    • Mar’07 - Sep’12:  Yoga therapist for Chairman, (GMR Group Bangalore) and his family.
  • Camps and programs for various organizations
    • Mar 2004  to Jul 2006: M/S LUPIN Ltd, (a pharmacy major in India) teaching Yoga and spiritual principles to the employees across multiple office sites covering the following areas:
      1. Stress Management for executives and managers
      2. Yoga Therapy (High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Back Pain, Headache, etc.)
      3. Personality and Memory development for children of employees
  • Pranayama Techniques, Mind Sound Resonance Techniques (MSRT)
    • Nov 2006: Memory Development Program for Vallabh Niketan International School Killa Pardi, Valsad, Gujarat India. This program targeted children with low academic performance experiencing lack of concentration and examination Stress.
    • April 2005: Conducted 10 days Yoga Camp for Criminals of Central jail in Wardha INDIA, organized by Rotary Club Wardha
    • 2002 on Deputation in UAE for Yoga Therapy and Spiritual Programs. Promotion of Positive Health yoga classes and yoga therapy for 100s of attendees in Sharjah
    • April 2000: Organized Yoga Memory development program for School children in field of Yoga in Kolkata, India
    • Conducted Yoga Therapy classes for Arogya Dhama (Health home) Kolkata, India in 2001
  • Volunteering & Service:
    • 1996-2004 Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SVYASA Deemed University) Bangalore, INDIA as a full time Social Worker in Administrative Head
    • 2000-2001 worked as a coordinator in Kolkata (INDIA), a branch of sVYASA, Bangalore. Organized Yoga therapy Camp under the guidance of DR. R Nagaratna in Kolkata, India more than 200 people participated
    • Organized Yoga Instructors Certificate Course in Kolkata, India in 2001


  1. MSc (Yogic Sciences) from Annamalai University, Tamilnadu, 2011
  2. BSc (Yogic Sciences) from sVYASA ,Bangalore In 12th Jan 2005
  3. Certificate courses:
    1. From sVYSASA Deemed University Bangalore:
      1. Yoga Instructor, 1997
      2. Holistic System Of management, 1998
      3. Yoga Therapy Instructor, 2001
    2. Vipassana Meditation Course- 2004-2009
  4. Advanced training:
    1. Pranic Healing Course- Basic, Advance and Psychotherapy course- 2009
    2. Reiki Master – 2012
    3. Shambhavi Kriya- Esha Foundation, Coimbatore
    4. Transcendental Meditation - Mahesh Yogi Tradition
    5. Kriya Yoga - Paramahamsa Yogananda Tradition Ranchi (YSS) and Paramahamsa Hariharananda  Gurukul Puri
    6. Zen Meditation Techniques- Sri P A Sheshan IAS. (Retired) Zen Master Bangalore
    7. Completed two years Vedanta Siddhanta Sadhana Course under the guidance Of Swami Vishardanandji, Haridwar


DSC_7447_300x304My Sixteen years of experience revolve around helping humanity. I started my journey as a Yoga instructor moved on to Spirituality and Healing. Now based in Bangalore, I conduct several classes on REIKI, Yoga and Art of Healing.

I am currently involved in Full time training and I mentor working professionals to house wife and students.

My Mission in Life is to heal and help. Unconditional love is the essence of my teaching. Well-travelled my Courses are designed keeping in mind the current needs.


To help others in achieving their Life’s purpose is the purpose of my Life. Two C’s define me Compassionate and Caring. I aim to bring about a positive difference to people around me.


  1. May 2008 to Nov 2008: Conducted Special yoga classes for Pregnant Women in Bangalore Hospitals, Bangalore
  2. 2007 May to Jan 2008: Worked with GMR Group, Special yoga therapy, massage therapy, Meditation classes for Mrs.Varalaxmi G. Rao Bangalore
    1. Yoga Therapy For Joints pain, BP, Tension Headache
    2. Reiki Healing
    3. Tibetan Healing
    4. Acupressure
  3. 2006 Sep to 2007 March: Conducted Memory development Program in Baroda and Vallabh International School Vapi, Gujarat
    1. Memory development Program
    2. Concentration Technique
    3. Teacher Motivation Camp
  4. 2004 March to 2006 July: Worked with M/s LUPIN Limited (a Pharma major in India) for teaching Yoga and Spirituality to the employees in multiple locations (Mumbai, Bhopal, Pune, Ankaleswar, Aurangabad and Goa)
    1. Conducted stress management program
    2. Yoga therapy classes for managers and Executive
    3. Propagated Indian Heritage and culture in corporate through yoga
    4. Spirituality and guiding for social responsibility
  5. 1999 to 2004: Worked in SVYASA, Bangalore INDIA
    1. Yoga Therapist
    2. P R work
    3. VIP Yoga Classes
  6. 2002: Visited Dubai and Sharjah
    1. Conducted Yoga Classes in Open Garden for Indian and Arabians
    2. Conducted Yoga Therapy programs and spiritual classes
    3. Special classes for women
  7. 2000 to 2001: Organized fifteen yoga therapy camps, especially for women in different states of India with kasturba Trust and MGIMS Sewagram
  8. 1997 to 1999:  Joined Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Sewagram for conducting yoga Therapy for Dr. Shushila Nayar for Knee Joint pain. Within 1 year she started walking by doing regular yoga and healing
  9. (Medical College) as a Yoga Therapist in Psychiatry Department.  More than 300 participants benefited through Yoga Therapy
  10. 1999: Provided honorary services to “KASTURBA TRUST” Indian Women Organization, Indore, India. It was started by Mahatma Gandhi, who supports natural ways of curing.  Worked with of 1st Health Minister of India, Dr. Sushila Nayar, the founder of MGIMS and Chairman of Kasturba Trust INDIA
  11. 1998 June: Organized Yoga training program for criminal prisoners in Wardha Central Jail in collaboration with the Rotary club.  Fifty people had benefited from this program
  12. 1993 to 1996:  Joined Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, India (Non Sanyasin Organization) as a full time social worker
    1. Work as district In charge in Rural Development Project
    2. Balasamskar Varga, Personality Development camp, cultural activities and conducted cultural competitions on district Levels
    3. Supervision and support to the Nursery schools on villages
    4. Value based education for women’s and Traditional activities for all villagers
    5. Motivation camps and Yoga camps
  13. 1991 to 1993:  Worked for Vivekananda Bharat Parikrama, as a fund raiser and was involved in publicity activities in Wardha
  14. 1992: Organized youth camps and lectures in different schools on teaching and life Swami Vivekananda, Wardha, Maharastra

Special Yoga Therapy classes conducted

  1. Late Dr. Sushila Nayar, First Health Minister of India, Founder and chairman of MGIMS Sewagram Wardha.(3 Years)
  2. Sri Sundarlal Patwa and His Family members, Ex chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal
  3. D B Gupta and his Family, Chairman Lupin Ltd, Mumbai
  4. Miss Rani Jethmalani Advocate Supreme Court, New Delhi
  5. Sri Samprada Singh, Chairman of Alkem Limited Mumbai


  1. B.Sc (Yogic Sciences) at Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhan Samsthana, Bangalore (Deemed University) – 2003
  2. PG Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy- 2000
  3. Yoga Therapy Instructor Certificate course from SVYASA, Bangalore – 1999
  4. Yoga Shiksha Shibir (Basic course of Yoga) at Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari-1993
  5. B.Sc (math) from Nagpur University, India 1993
  6. Reiki Master from Mumbai 2005
  7. Medicine Buddha Reiki master and Healing  2010
  8. Gayatri Empowerment through Reiki 2009
  9. Tibetan Bowl Healing Master
  10. Theta healing, EFT healing, healing code practiced on many people

Personal Sadhana

  • Vippassana Meditation courses –(1996 to 2008)  basic courses and long courses too
  • Energy Healer - Reiki Trainer, Powerful Reiki Distance Healer, Aura reader and clairvoyance etc
  • Practicing Kriya Yoga under Guidance of Yogoda Satsanga Society Ranchi
  • Understand Srividya from different teacher of Shakti Sadhana

Maitri Foundation

The goal of our foundation is to take the benefits of yoga to the underprivileged. We set aside money that we earn regularly so that we are able to reach out and serve - young and old - who cannot afford yoga classes and sessions but would benefit tremendously from it.

Please browse through our offerings, testimonials from our clients.

With best wishes and prayers for your all round well-being,

Meenakshi & Chidananda