Reiki, a Japanese word (pronounced “ray-key”) means universal life-force, or Divine energy, and indicates a system of healing that many feel had its origins in Tibet. This practice is said to have been handed down from the ancient teachings of the Vedas, a compilation of scriptures that were given to the great Rishis (wise men) many thousands of years ago. The oldest known existing text is over 5,000 years old.
Reiki is not a religion, although this healing practice is known in all cultures throughout the world. It has a built-in spiritual dimension. Reiki is a unity concept, because it is now accepted globally. Reiki teaches unity and harmony. Reiki is in harmony with nature and can be used to heal plants and trees, people and animals, and can even be used to help purify and harmonize water and air.
Reiki was discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui. He later developed it into a system of healing that he passed on to others by means of a system of empowerments, or attunements (in Japanese, the word is reiju, which means “receive the energy/spirit”). It is now practiced by millions around the globe.

Reiki first degree
Reiki l manual
Reiki l certificate
Reiki l attunement
On-line support
Duration: 1 days
Reiki second degree
Reiki ll manual
Reiki ll attunement
Reiki ll certificate
On-line support
Duration: 1 day
Reiki Master degree
Reiki master manual
Reiki master certificate
Reiki master attunement
On-line support
Duration: One day
  • Reiki and EFT Course.
  • Karma Cleansing course.

Energy healing, Reiki Healing, Sound healing, for following problems : By person or Distance

  • Careers, jobs, Examinations etc………………..
  • Marriages/issues
  • Exam fear and stress
  • Family harmony