A Message from Meenakshi & Chidananda

Our approach


 When we met, we were students at the premier Vivekananda Yoga University, Bangalore, dedicating our life to learning yoga and helping others using the many benefits of yoga. Other pursuits didn’t hold a lot of attraction for us. We observed and admired in each other a selflessness of spirit and a keen desire to serve others. That was the basis for the beginning of a lifelong friendship (maitri) with each other.

We try and extend that same friendship to all who cross our path. In this day and age, due to the increased speed and complexity of life, we find that in general we don’t have time to pause, unwind and take care of our own well-being. Often our attention is drawn to the care of the body and mind, when they start really bothering us. If you are there in life, please treat us as your friends.

Our Offerings


We established Maitri Foundation to bring the soothing and non-intrusive benefits of yoga to everyone who is in need. We cater to individuals and corporates who are looking for both preventative care and well-being and as well as healing from back pain, neck pain, stress, and other discomforts and maladies of modern living.

We have been able to help hundreds of individuals through personal yoga sessions that stimulate and relax the body, and healing of aches and pains through sound therapy. We have had gratifying success in coaching thousands of corporate employees in stress management and fitness at work.

We have tried to keep ourselves updated and expanded in our abilities to serve. We are authorized by Yoga University to train yoga teachers for certification as yoga teachers through non-residential learning.

People Talking About Maitri

Very helpful for wheezing problem. I had dust allergy, now by doing Yoga and Pranayama I am relieved of my problems. For healthy and peaceful life Yoga is must. My Guru is best in the world

Ms U Jayalakshmi, Bangalore

Very good classes, we have learned a lot! We will have learned a lot. We will try to continue with yoga and maintain the inner peace, Even though I attended a few classes, I gained a lot in learning what yoga is. You’re a very good teacher; I hope to continue my yoga training in Norway.

Ms Ingvild Jenssen, Norway

Quite helpful, Improvement in back pain. Meditation is really helpful. Breathing habits have improved and feeling quit energetic. The place here is very calm and peaceful.

Ms Savitha M V, Bangalore
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